Water Log(ged)s

Ishita Singh

The project Water - Log(ged)s captures how the rainwater every monsoon becomes an “issue” for the city (Ahmedabad in this case) because of reasons like flooding and water-logging. By recording different events and data, the project emphasizes on how getting rid of rainwater is the only concern that strikes reaction in most cases and nobody really thinks about the potential it could have had, if it was harvested or stored instead of merely just logging the roads and spaces. To delve deeper into the causes and impacts of the same, this project investigates through per day rainfall data over the years, news reports and spatial layouts of relevant infrastructures of the Ahmedabad city to bring forward the correlations.

1. Urban Wastewater: Livelihood, Health & Environmental Issues in India Case study of Ahmedabad
2. Wastewater Irrigation in Gujarat
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