Zankhna Palmist

“Of more than 5000 million litres per day of sewage water that is generated in Gujarat, only less than 50 mld is treated and reused. This means that Gujarat which is currently battling acute water scarcity reuses hardly 1% of the sewage it generates. Ahmedabad, its commercial capital is one of the cities cited as water-stressed. Ahmedabad receives approximately 1485 mld water daily, out of which 80% gets converted into sewage water. Figuratively speaking, the city lets go of 1188 mld daily. A figure that could potentially change consumption patterns particularly in times where the climate is uncertain. Untapped is about taking a closer look at this figure. It is a project that speculates on the cities relationship with the wastewater it generates.

1. Impact of Industrial Estates on Water Resources by Richa Maheshwari
2. Urban Wastewater: Livelihood, Health & Environmental Issues in India Case study of Ahmedabad